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Explore new capabilities that traditional glass manufacturing processes do not allow.


3D Printing Glass is a very powerful and flexible research tool.

We have collaborated and sold to various research groups in the space of optics, fluids, specialty glass material and composites and sensors.  

OptoFab Adelaide

"The innovative glass materials produced using [Glass 3D Printing] have the potential to enhance energy efficiency in buildings, contribute to medical research, and facilitate the development of advanced sensors for applications in security, agriculture, and environmental monitoring."

Optofab Adelaide - Optical Research and Fabrication Centre

intricate research piece.jpg
mechanical testing glass.PNG

Mechanical Glass Testing

In collaboration with the Glass Competence Center in Germany we are performing various mechanical testing of 3D printed pieces. This includes directly 3D printed pieces as well as 3D printing onto sheets of glass to augment properties of sheet glass. 

Glass Manipulation  

The 3D printer nozzle is able to extrude and inject glass into pieces that are temperature controlled inside the print chamber furnace. 

Though we can't share our projects completed here we can say that we are capable of extruding glass into other assemblies to create glass / metal bonds. 

Firefly a vector graphic of 3d printing nozzle inside a furnace extruding molten glass int
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