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The Maple 3

The World's Only Commercial
Glass 3D Printer

Glass Design with Freedom

Sustainably Create

What will you make in Glass?

"Thanks to the Maple Glass team and their 3D-printing glass technology, it has made it possible for us to further explore different aesthetics characterised by layers, patterns, utilising recycled glass, and a surface amenable to 3D printing with high precision.”

Konstantin Arkitekter


Reduce Glass Waste
by 3D Printing it

Design / Photo Credit:
Foster + Partners / Aaron Hargreaves

Inside Maple Glass Printing

The Future is Clear Nick Birbilis | TEDxCanberra

3D Printing Nerd Interview
Formnext 2023

White Structure



Glass Art Society GAS Conference

7-10 June
Detroit, USA

7-10 November
Frankfurt, Germany

AusGlass Conference

3-5 February
Melbourne, Australia


In collaboration with
Foster + Partners


Design & Fabrication 
London, UK

Women in 3D Printing

9 March
Melbourne, Australia

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