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Explore new aesthetics and forms that traditional glass manufacturing does not allow.


3D Printing Glass has began to change the architectural space as we know it.

With a large format 3D printer in development, you'll want to stay tuned for what's next!

Foster + Partners

5 custom unique pieces were generatively designed and produced within 4 days. These pieces were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in the UK.  

RMIT designed piece.PNG

RMIT Architecture
Tectonic Formation Lab

Glass 3D Printed Facade Prototype

Thanks to the Maple Glass team and their 3D-printing glass technology, it has made it possible for us to further explore different aesthetics characterised by layers, patterns, utilising recycled glass, and a surface amenable to 3D printing with high precision.” 

Konstantin Arkitekter - Architect

Qaammat pavilion.jpeg

ARUP - Data-Driven Design
& Fabrication Event

Designed by Brandyn Callahan and Phirak Suon Exhibited at the National Museum of Australia

Jam Factory Love Heart 3D Print.PNG

BVN Architecture

Glass 3D Printing has architectural application which we explored with BVN Architecture

BVN Architecture.PNG
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