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Discover new creative expressions by adopting additive manufacturing


3D Printing is rapidly changing the field of craft.

The Maple 3 Glass 3D Printer allows you to reform glass into a digital design.

Turn you studio glass waste into innovative pieces now. 

Australian National University (ANU)

Using The Maple 3 and Vitri-Glass to recycle glass from their glass studio, the team at ANU use the equipment for education and glass art purposes. 

ANU Glass 3D Printer Customer.PNG

Glass Art Society - GAS 2023

"Recent research in glass art has centred on creative development of digital manufacturing techniques... 3D printing approaches are now being developed in the direct creation of glass objects."
Dr Jeffrey Sarmiento

Fusion of Methods

Create entirely new forms that are "unmakable" in glass any other way. The piece shown is 3D printed and has been used above as the stem of the goblet. The design of the stem was provided online by Triple G Workshop and typically printed in plastic, not glass!

iso view of vase.jpg
Flower with credit (low res).png

Glass Art

Designed by Brandyn Callahan and Phirak Suon Exhibited at the National Museum of Australia

Jam Factory Love Heart 3D Print.PNG

University of Adelaide 
The Jam Factory

Fusing traditional and emerging glass making techniques: Glass 3D Printing and Glass Blowing

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