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3D Printer Capabilities

Our printer is capable of many things with only some key features shown below...

Key Design Requirements

The most important features are...

Layer Height

Our standard machine uses a nozzle outlet of 1.5mm in diameter. That means:

  • Maximum layer height: 1.5mm 

  • Minimum layer height: 0.25mm generally. We have printed 0.1mm in some cases


Our standard Maple 3 has a build volume of approximately:

  • Width: 170mm

  • Depth: 200mm

  • Height: 300mm

Line Width

Our standard nozzle outlet is 1.5mm. That means a single line extrusion width has to be:

  • Maximum: Generally, 2-3mm (we have printed up to 7mm in some cases)

  • Minimum: 1.5mm (but can be less for experimental controlled failure printing / stringing with fibres of glass)


Single contour prints work the best as the flow of glass is kept constant. The more starting and stopping the more chances problems arise. 

This said, as we use glass filament as our input material we can start and stop printing, meaning we can create some very cool things in glass!


Generally, we try to limit any printed overhang to 45 degrees. 

As glass is printed very hot, and geometries change, this is a guide, and will always depend on the geometry and print settings used. 

For instance, larger layer heights mean bigger overhangs. 

Part Geometry

3D printing glass requires the part to have a flat (relatively simple shape) base to adhere to the print bed.

Further, ideally the part should be stable meaning the base area can support the height of the part when the machine is moving it around. 

Interested in Glass 3D Printing?

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